Happyness for Families

About the Project

Our main target is to provide families access to safe and financeable housing space especially in Asia and Africa. 

With our modular systems we create safe, beautiful, and cost-effective homes with local resources - from the smallest to multi-generational homes, from simple to high standards both for the external as well the interior finish. The finish' standard does not influence the stability and safety of the home.

Upon request and to save money, we give the families the possibility to build their house by themselves. This personal contribution certainly increases the identification with their new home.

If required, we provide a water purification unit for clean drinking water and photovoltaic panels for electricity. This is especially important in inaccessible and undeveloped areas. 

In the long term, we build up a local production and create an opportunity for training and schooling. 

We offer service and support for the assembly and maintenance of the houses.